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  1.  This is her most favorite toy and it cost me less than 4 bucks.
  2. I bought these mesmerizing rainbow stacking cups from Walmart when I ordered my groceries ONLINE.  Which means, I didn’t even have to GO INTO THAT SMELLY STORE TO GET THEM.  You can read more about that here: Why I will never set foot inside a Walmart again
  3. She was occupied for 36 minutes.  DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW LONG THAT IS?!  THIRTY.  SIX.
  4. The light in our kitchen is so loveable that I spent all of those 2,160 seconds photographing her Super Stacking Skills.

Also?  For my photographer friends?  There’s a pullback at the bottom.  :)



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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about little Josie so I thought I’d post an update and some recent photos of her.

Here’s what you should know about Josie:

  • We often call her JoJo, but she answers to Josephine and Josie as well.
  • She takes one nap each day for about 3 hours.
  • She sleeps from 7 to 7.
  • Josie recently moved to her own room!  Her round crib is too wide to get into a standard-sized door.  It also doesn’t come apart.  Major fail on the part of the manufacturer!   So we left her in our room (double doors) because we didn’t really want to remove door frames to get her into another room.  Our sweet friends loaned us their crib so now she’s in Allison’s old room.  (Allison and Caroline now share a room) It has been a wonderful change!
  • She is IN LOVE with the organic food pouches and I wonder why I didn’t invent those jokers.
  • She loves pacis.  A LOT.
  • Somehow she now has to have THREE Angel Dear bunny loveys when she sleeps.  Plus now she’s added a stuffed Grover.
  • Josie hasn’t really said her first word yet, but we THINK she was trying to say ‘thank you’ the other day.  Of course, it was when I handed her some food.
  • She LOVES food.  She’s definitely mine.
  • She’s nearly 18 months old and can run like a bandit.
  • These blocks are her most favorite toy  and she will spend so long stacking and unstacking.
  • Josie still isn’t really wild about riding in the car.
  • Backyardigans and Bubble Guppies are her favorite shows.
  • When she gives kisses she doesn’t do the typical open mouthed kiss, but instead she does an actual pucker and it’s ADORABLE.

I guess that’s about it for JoJo.  She is such a stinker and keeps us all on our toes.  So long as we pass out the food and keep those pacis handy, she’s all good.





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On the way to church this morning we had to stop and get Josephine a snack so she would zip it in that car seat. It was Teddy Grahams from the local gas station, okay? Caroline would pass Josie one every time she started to get fussy.

Me: I’m telling you. That kid right there loves food.

Caroline: I know how she feels. The first thing at the top of my Love Chart is food. Then family. But mostly food.

Allison: It’s true. Food is the bonding piece of friendship.


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Another note from Caroline.

I love you.
I hate it when you go! I am happy when your happy. I hope you know that you are loved because you are loveing, careing, helpful, honist and kind like a friend. If I didn’t have you as a mom I would have you as a freind. When I am feeling blue you always come to help. That’s how awsome and amazeing you are. You are sooooooooooooooooooo funny. I beleive you can concer anything because you have what it tacks to be a champion. You always have. You are the best mom ever! I loved playing with you on the trampolene with you. Never change yourself. Well, I hope you liked my card.

Let me know if y’all are feeling down in the dumps and I’ll have my little sweetie whip up a letter for you zippity quick.

Also, Day I Don’t Even Know of Burn Bootcamp and it hurts to sleep.

Bless it.


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