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Monthly Archives: June 2012

splash pad

It was smokin’ hot today. Like 98 or something heck I don’t know. I took the girls into The Big City to the public fountains. I guess they are calling it aView full post »

She’s organized

Caroline said she “needed” to sort out the Play-doh colors before she began. Said, “Ack!! Don’t touch doze!!!” If we tried to remove a colorView full post »

The Bug Girl

Actually? Allison wanted me to title this: The Princess and the Bug Why? Because she kept joking around…like she was going to kiss this thing. Emily, the scientistView full post »

Will work for candy

Chocolate, to be exact. Just playing around today…wondering why my kids love jumping and posing on my bed the most?View full post »

Art Lesson #1

This summer I decided to do some art “classes” with the girls. Each lesson will be about a certain style of painting and I’ll tell them about a couple ofView full post »

Conversations with Allison

About a week ago we were driving to dinner and I was chit-chatting with Allison. She wanted me to ask her questions about her future. Things like…Where will youView full post »