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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Carla Veloso

How is it that my kids can remember every.single.character from Cars and Cars 2? But they “forget” when I ask them to put their shoes away?View full post »


This stinker is such a comedian. Comedienne? She is so full of one-liners and silly stories. When she was a babe? She was so very caring and loving. Now? She wowsView full post »

the hottest place in town

Today the girls and I went to Zoo Atlanta and sweated our gosh darn faces slap off. Sweet Baby Jesus it was smokin’. The zoo opened at 9:30 and what time did ourView full post »

the joys of 3-d

Actually? I keep saying that this was a three-d movie, but in fact? It was FOUR-D. Which is kind of confusing to me because isn’t that….like… life? OhView full post »

the deep end

She’s wearing floaties so don’t flip out on me. Caroline’s new thing is hanging out at the deep end with her big sisters. She thinks she is HOT.STUFF.View full post »

A re-edit

Since Allison won’t really ever….like…ever never cooperate with the camera? I figured I’d just post an old photo of her that I re-edited. ThisView full post »


Or. As Caroline says… “fwoaties”View full post »


because I couldn’t think of any other title. Just… CarolineView full post »