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Monthly Archives: August 2012

i never said i was a newborn photographer

But…. This is the newest addition to our family. My niece’s little girl. I kinda had a big time smooching all over her little cheeks.View full post »

just one brown one

Caroline has discovered the teeny green acorns falling in the front yard. She was very excited to find “juss one brown one” yesterday. Shortly after I snappedView full post »

“show me with your face how much you love me”

That’s what I told Caroline. Then she did this. Yikes. But! Lucky for me? She also did this, this and this…View full post »

art class

Last weekend the girls had art class. This is what I saw.View full post »


The little pond by the preschool has a walking path, a playground and these little guys. Although it’s so close to our house, we hardly ever stop by. This morning,View full post »

the summer of Instagram

Y’all do know that I love Instagram, right? And by “love” what I really mean is… holysmacksitisthegreatestinventionever You can follow me over thereView full post »


My sweet and spunky Allison can FINALLY ride her bike like a champ! She has been working for months, but would get so frustrated with herself and give up. I’m soView full post »

sick day….times 2

Little Caroline has had “duh bad spits” for the last two days. She has been completely pitiful. I bet she has only mumbled 8 words since five AM SundayView full post »

“face my FURRY!!!”

Caroline was too funny today. First off, telling me that she NEEDED to be a pirate. Then, after having me search all over the house for the “spying scope”?View full post »