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Monthly Archives: October 2012

coloring cowgirl

Cowgirl Caroline and I spent some time drawing and coloring kitty cats today.View full post »

the story of our pumpkin carving day

The other day (well…I think it was last weekend??) we carved our pumpkins in the driveway. Right there on the concrete. We’re fancy like that. I forgot toView full post »

oh look! more from San Francisco!

Sorry y’all. But we WERE there for 8 days. Caroline swam without floaties and we biked across the Golden Gate Bridge. (just in case you didn’t know…itView full post »

the morning light is lovely here

Such completely different outcomes when I change my position.View full post »

the middle kid

Likes: apples, water, Captain Underpants books, broccoli, soccer, and waking up too early Dislikes: cameras, cleaning, anything out of “the plan”, cameras,View full post »

the big kid

She was KIND OF in the mood for photos today. But, not really.View full post »

mutton bustin’ at the national fair 2012

My Allison was at it again this year! This time? She made it a whole 4 seconds on that sheep! I know she’s going to be so sad next year when she’s too old toView full post »

a shot for jen

Jen was a photographer that I found through a few links and blog hops. She was a mom to two little boys and recently passed away after an aggressive bout with cancer. SheView full post »

Why yes. There ARE more shots from San Francisco

On this day? We took a lil’ boat ride underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.View full post »