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Monthly Archives: November 2012

what we’ve been up to

Here’s a bit of our fall. Some snaps with my phone and edited in Instagram. {Another word for “Instagram” is…. “Addictive”.}View full post »

ipad junkie

This kid. Oh geez. I think she has an addictive personality. You know that sort of thing where you can’t get your Uncle Willie away from the slot machines? HeView full post »

back when her hair was long…

…and the days were, too. Just a couple that I had on my desktop.View full post »

one fat rat

This? This is Twix. I like to call him Twixie. Emily has been longing for one of these little guinea pigs for a long while. We buckled today in hopes that it willView full post »

sunset + McDonald’s + her bike

First off, every now and again I’ll need to make some posts password protected. That means….YOU GUESSED IT!…you’ll need a secret code in order toView full post »

Protected: Morning light

Um. Yeah. You can’t see this one. If you wanna view the protected posts? Use the contact button to unlock the top secret password. Password:View full post »

one more because I like it

I can’t believe this kid will be in kindergarten next year! *thud* I seriously think she’s too short. They don’t take short kids, right? The otherView full post »

it’s just caroline again

I have loads to catch up on, but here is my little cutie from today. I just love how she has her little “teef” sticking out a teeny bit in that last shot. SheView full post »