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Monthly Archives: December 2012

ending the year with chocolate chip pancakes

Well… mostly just the batter and some chips.View full post »

favorites from twenty twelve

What. You think 57 favorites is a bit too many? I had a terrible time narrowing it down. (and by the way….yes, we DID celebrate the birth of that little bitty babyView full post »

star plate

Just a quick lil’ post for now. Didn’t want y’all to think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. Or into a vat of chocolate. That actually soundsView full post »

we have obtained some Aussie buddies

and they are BAD TO THE BONE!!!! I met Narelle through Clickin Moms and she is a lovely little photographer. I “knew” her from the forum, but really got to knowView full post »


Well. My big girl saved up for a guinea pig and bought one 2 weeks ago. His name was Twix-Patch-Zeus. Yes. He had three names. Don’t ask. Twix-Patch-Zeus boughtView full post »

Protected: pouting bed head-er

Um. Yeah. You can’t see this one. If you wanna view the protected posts? Use the contact button to unlock the top secret password. Password:View full post »

The Way I View Blessings

I’m back with another installment of The Way I View project. This month, my CMpro friends and I have photographed “blessings”. For me? My blessings areView full post »

seriously. i gotta get a handle on this

At least she read a book for a few minutes before she dove into the ipad again.View full post »