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Monthly Archives: January 2013

for the LOVE {of Lulu the Wonderdog}

She always gets groomed on the rainiest of days. It’s like washing your car and making it rain. Except here? We wash our Shih Tzu and get tornado warnings.View full post »

for the LOVE {of balance}

You will probably see quite a bit of shots of these little Lalaloopsy characters. Why? Because I LOVE THEM!!! All of the girls love them, too.View full post »

for the LOVE {of a flashlight}

{Caroline LOVES to put things all over her door. It’s quite colorful. Each time she has a check up, dental visit, or paints a picture? She puts the stickers andView full post »

for the LOVE {of bribery}

And sarcastic smiles. This one REALLY REALLY REALLY hates the camera. Lots. and lots. I bribed her with cookies and cream ice cream. (yes, I had some, too) Today sheView full post »

for the LOVE {of laundry}

Are some of these out of focus? Yep. Do I care? Nope. My Caroline LOVES to fold the towels for me. She only asks that I pay her in mini M&Ms. My black andView full post »

for the LOVE {of snapshots}

Emily hasn’t wanted to have her picture taken lately, but today she was feeling rather silly. Well, she’s always feeling a bit silly, but this time she did itView full post »