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Monthly Archives: February 2013

for the LOVE {of pouting}

and little upside down smiley faces.View full post »

for the LOVE {of restaurant light}

The light at one of our favorite places (Tin Lizzy’s Cantina) was gorgeous on Saturday. Allison was lucky enough to be sitting smack in the middle of it. She wasView full post »

for the LOVE {of playtime hair}

from the other day that I forgot to upload.View full post »

for the LOVE {of the pink cast}

Well. The pediatric orthopedist believes that Caroline may have broken some bones in her teeny arm after all. She still wasn’t moving it at all this morning and thatView full post »

for the LOVE {of two big muffins}

On this day, I’m thankful that I let this little sweetie have two chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. On the floor. Because you only live once and muffins withView full post »

for the LOVE {of this morning light}

Allison is always closing the curtains when she’s in our bedroom. I am continuously opening them.View full post »

for the LOVE {of spring training}

It’s soccer season once again!! Yay!! Four days a week at the soccer fields starting tonight. Two out of three LOVE it. They eat, sleep, and breathe soccer.View full post »