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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Yesterday’s iPhone images

Brushing teeth soccer practice grocery shopping a doggie in time out for escaping riding lessons with Possum and Pixie a hungry doggie in the morning found string forView full post »

for the LOVE {of backyard play}

Caroline will be the first one out there every single time. Emily is close behind with Max the Labrador. Allison? She’s a prepper. Allison likes to getView full post »

Recent iPhone images

Let’s see…. here’s what has happened lately. 🙂 We are coming to the end of the soccer season and Allison has been invited to play with the U10s in aView full post »

for the LOVE {of the faucet} and a breakout!!

Have you heard?! I wrote a Breakout over on Clickinmoms and it’s out and available for purchase right now!! It’s called Don’t Miss a Thing andView full post »

for the LOVE {of this afghan}

Oh my gosh I love it so much. I bought it from Joy Prouty (through her IG shop) and although she doesn’t know me from Adam’s house cat, here I am cuddling withView full post »

for the LOVE {of classically Caroline}

This image is JUST PERFECTLY CAROLINE!! She always, always holds her mouth like that. She always, always has one side of her hair behind her ear. She always, alwaysView full post »

for the LOVE {of big ol’ giggles}

Caroline thinks I’m a hoot. She’s wanting to stop less and less for the camera so when she DOES decide to sit for a second (and I do mean ‘aView full post »

for the LOVE {of Halloween snaps}

Not the least bit creative in the photography department, but you know what? I had more fun playing and giggling with them and didn’t stress over fancy-schmancy (isView full post »