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Yearly Archives: 2014

Christmas Doodles

This is my photo for today. Day 24 of 365. Caroline drew these little doodles last night and I just loved them. I let her stay up an hour after bedtime to draw andView full post »

A daily photo project. What EVER was I thinking?

So, this one time? I got on a roll. I took one photo each and every day. For 3 days straight. BIG TIME ‘on a roll’. On the 4th day, I decided that I wasView full post »

That time i was the best mommy and the worst mommy . . .

. . . all in the same 30 seconds. So, Allison has this chick in her class. Let’s call her Madison. Let’s say that’s not her real name because we don’tView full post »

Christmas tree shopping

Tonight we did a little tree shopping at a local nursery that we love so much. It’s a family owned spot and is just the cutest little shop ever. I keep meaning to doView full post »

fun fax abuot Neetive Americins

              Caroline (6) brought this adorable writing home just before Thanksgiving.  I wanted to share it here, word for wordView full post »

When cousins come to visit

My niece and I have little ones very similar in age and they came up to visit us for a few days.  It was the best!!  Our kids are at the age now where they entertainView full post »

Two randoms and some body image stuff

This morning I watched this little video. This afternoon I asked two of my cuties The Question. This one is nine.   This one is six. When I asked my nine year old,View full post »

Catching up on some toys

I’m trying to be better at this, y’all.  I really am. Here are some random toys of the girls’ as of late.View full post »