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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Ordinarily Lovely: more from the scooter

She kept flipping her hair around to look back.View full post »

Ordinarily Lovely: Fake smiles after school

These two love each other SO VERY MUCH. One funny, so very polite and highly sporty. Never will be seen in a dress. (That’s the one on the right) The other is soView full post »

Ordinarily Lovely: the waterbucket

A week or so back it got above 75 degrees and the girls thought that the warm up constituted the water hose and a bucket. The water was FREEZING and Caroline’s lipsView full post »

Ordinarily Lovely: post practice

Allison LIVES for soccer. She goes to practice, comes home, and practices more. She will say ‘WHEN I’m playing in the World Cup’…..not ‘IF IView full post »

Ordinarily Lovely: scooterin’

These girls LOVE their scooters. I stopped them a few minutes the other evening and snapped a couple of shots of them all lined up and ready to race. I love those RaceView full post »

Ordinarily Lovely: the notes

Caroline writes love notes like nobody’s business. I get at least two a day. She writes them on sticky notes with dry erase marker (as she’s doing here).View full post »