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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Let’s go to Vegas

Like most parents, I’m sure, we have certain things on our TV that are blocked from the kids. The girls are unable to access shows that are PG or a certain lengthView full post »

Photography Tutorial: Shooting + Processing Silhouettes

Hi everyone! In this little tutorial I hope to help you successfully shoot silhouettes and process them quickly and easily. Just to remind you, and to let you know if youView full post »

Don’t mess with sisters

The little girls got off the bus this afternoon and Allison immediately starting crying and complaining about some boys ‘being ugly and rude’ to them. (I sayView full post »

Allison. The Spunky One

This one is so full of spirit. I hope she always has this wild spark. She’s a smarty, too. I’m going with borderline genius, but hey. I’m her mom andView full post »

Before and After: Photoshop Elements

Many people ask about my editing software and what I would suggest to someone just starting out with editing images. I always say the same thing. I use Photoshop ElementsView full post »

When we eat out

I’m wondering if we are anything like other families when we eat out? The girls like for everyone to sit in the same spot (in relation to each other) every singleView full post »

Photography Tutorial: The Fake Black Background

In this tutorial I hope to help you discover the light you need in order to achieve a black background in-camera. Many, many times I use this type of light and I’mView full post »

Rules for Being lulu’s mommy

I found this little list that Caroline wrote out. Lulu is our 8 year old black and white Shih Tzu. She is THE sweetest dog ever and such a cuddle bug. Lulu is pretty muchView full post »