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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Lunch conversations

Today we did some shopping at Home Depot and (believe it or not) went to a rug store with a massive amount of selections and chose TWO within 15 minutes. Record Breakers! WeView full post »

Thanksgiving Day

Today we started out with Lego building in the kitchen while eating breakfast.  All three of you girls were in on this after just a few minutes.  There was a helicopter,View full post »

I’m thankful for old SD cards

Nesting has been good for me. This house is so dang organized you just wouldn’t believe it. I’ve donated or trashed more bags than you could imagine. Who wants meView full post »

horses, peanut butter and the library, oh my!

This week you girls are out for Thanksgiving Break.  You three have played so nicely together for the last several days.  You’ve made horse jumps out of couch cushionsView full post »

Things they say

Allison to Caroline: *blah blah blah* because your fingers are NEVER CLEAN!! Caroline:  WHHHHHHAAAATTTT?!?!?  I wash them every time I go to theView full post »

Sunday Morning

On this sweet, sweet Sunday I (and your Daddy) woke up with a hankerin’ for pancakes. Everyone slept in a bit and all of us woke up around the same time. All IView full post »

The Thing

The other afternoon we were outside (yet again) after school.  You girls love playing in the driveway, making scooter paths with sidewalk chalk.  Or, making kid sized horseView full post »

Allison: Top Ten Things You Love

As interviewed on this day.  🙂 10:  when I DON’T have a stuffy nose 9:  Max and Lulu 8:  TAG (gifted program at school) 7:  Peanuts, like in Charlie Brown. 6:  playingView full post »

How long have you been there?!?!

Last night you were sneaky enough to crawl into the kitchen and hide in the keeping room without Daddy noticing you while he had dinner.  I knew you were hidingView full post »