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Yearly Archives: 2016

we got a christmas tree again

and there isn’t one single picture of it in this post. Or in any post to come. Because I didn’t take but one picture of that joker and it’s on myView full post »

things they say

Each night, at bedtime, we say three things that were blessings for the day. Caroline will say, “Okay Mommy. Tell me your three good things.” She says wellView full post »

would love to know his plan right now

…but I’m going to trust Him. Remember? That last post I wrote about prayer and God’s will and plan? Last Thursday we were on our way to a dinner withView full post »

The dumbest thing I’ve done this month

I say ‘this month’ because The Dumbness resets itself every 30 days. I’m bound to do another idiotic thing in about 2 weeks. This season I decided to getView full post »

can i change god’s mind through prayer?

This is the question that came up during one of our small group meetings. Small Group = God-lovin’ group of six couples who all attend North Point Community Church inView full post »

the last chili recipe you will ever need

The following images do NOT represent chili. They are not even remotely close to being chili. Except that it was a little chilly outside when these were taken. Oh. AndView full post »

20 Random Things About Us

Maybe more people are starting to read these little blips of words lately? I don’t know, but maybe you’d like to know a bit more about us. So. Here goesView full post »