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Monthly Archives: November 2016

14 of my favorite random things

Maybe in time for Cyber Monday? Some of these items are on sale today. Just wanted to fill you all in on some random things I love. 1. First up? Posey Roe tees. I ranView full post »

Things you say

Caroline: When blind people drive, how do they do it? Me: Well, they DON’T drive. Caroline (leaves the room and comes back): Oh. So their DOG does it.View full post »

our favorite family movies

With the holidays coming up and the kids being out of school, it’s likely that we will watch a couple of movies together. With that, I thought I’d list some ofView full post »

why I don’t follow pretty IG feeds

First off, a message to my mother: Mom, IG stands for Instagram. It’s an app that you can have on your phone. Well, not YOUR phone because your phone does thatView full post »

i’m too old for this

No really. I actually am too old for this. Having four kids is HARD. I’m not even going to pretend it isn’t. I think back to how things were before Josie cameView full post »

why i will never set foot inside Walmart again

I’m not going to do it. Never. Not ever again will I walk inside of a Walmart store. Okay, so I MIGHT stroll back in if I HAVE to. But right now? I don’tView full post »

day date with daddy

This blog has been heavy on the Caroline lately, but whatever. Tony came home from work early yesterday. He knocked on the door and when Caroline and I opened it he said,View full post »

Things they say

Me: Caroline, fold this blanket back up that’s in the floor since you’re the one who had it out. Her: OK, but you need to know that I’m not good atView full post »

How I went from up all night to sleeping all night

Listen. I’m going to get right to it. Until recently, we hadn’t slept through the night for nine and a half months. And actually I hadn’t slept all nightView full post »