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Monthly Archives: February 2017

our february in video

New braces, Great Wolf Lodge, Valentines Day, cousins, Target, friends and lots of playing.View full post »

The day I saw angels on a waterslide tunnel

On the day of my most recent panic attack, I was wearing a black swim skirt and a pink and black swim top. Blue arm band on my wrist. (That’s so I can ride til I dieView full post »

An open letter to the lady at dinner

Dear Lady at Dinner, I really feel like your title should be RUDE Lady at Dinner, but whatever. Here’s the deal.  I saw that you noticed me walk in with my four kids.View full post »

things you say

These are all from Caroline’s sweet little mouth. Me: Tell me about your life these days. Her: Well. I don’t actually HAVE ONE since Emily always saysView full post »

our january in video

I’m sure you’ve probably seen this going around. Where you commit to videoing 1 second of your day each day. Then, putting those clips together to make one bigView full post »