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Allison: Top Ten Things You Love

As interviewed on this day.   10:  when I DON’T have a stuffy nose 9:  Max and Lulu 8:  TAG (gifted program at school) 7:  Peanuts, like in Charlie Brown. 6:  playingView full post »

Allison’s room

It figures.  Three days before school starts these two start really cookin’ with playing together nicely. They were even willing to let me photograph them for about 6View full post »

Let’s go to Vegas

Like most parents, I’m sure, we have certain things on our TV that are blocked from the kids. The girls are unable to access shows that are PG or a certain lengthView full post »

Allison. The Spunky One

This one is so full of spirit. I hope she always has this wild spark. She’s a smarty, too. I’m going with borderline genius, but hey. I’m her mom andView full post »

That time i was the best mommy and the worst mommy . . .

. . . all in the same 30 seconds. So, Allison has this chick in her class. Let’s call her Madison. Let’s say that’s not her real name because we don’tView full post »

Ordinarily Lovely: post practice

Allison LIVES for soccer. She goes to practice, comes home, and practices more. She will say ‘WHEN I’m playing in the World Cup’…..not ‘IF IView full post »

let’s get crazy

Her favorite shirt. She’s spent the last 26 hours making a fort out of 5 blankets, 1 twin sheet, two tents, 3 boxes (1 is a pantry), a third of a roll of duct tape, twoView full post »


Today she spent a lot of time on her scooter. Again. It’s either the scooter or the soccer ball. She also pulls her own teeth, if that means anything. And I think itView full post »