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Allison: Top Ten Things You Love

As interviewed on this day. ┬á­čÖé 10: ┬áwhen I DON’T have a stuffy nose 9: ┬áMax and Lulu 8: ┬áTAG (gifted program at school) 7: ┬áPeanuts, like in Charlie Brown. 6: ┬áplayingView full post ┬╗

Allison’s room

It figures. ┬áThree days before school starts these two start really cookin’ with playing together nicely. They were even willing to let me photograph them for about 6View full post ┬╗

Let’s go to Vegas

Like most parents, I’m sure, we have certain things on our TV that are blocked from the kids. The girls are unable to access shows that are PG or a certain lengthView full post ┬╗

Allison. The Spunky One

This one is so full of spirit. I hope she always has this wild spark. She’s a smarty, too. I’m going with borderline genius, but hey. I’m her mom andView full post ┬╗

That time i was the best mommy and the worst mommy . . .

. . . all in the same 30 seconds. So, Allison has this chick in her class. Let’s call her Madison. Let’s say that’s not her real name because we don’tView full post ┬╗

Ordinarily Lovely: post practice

Allison LIVES for soccer. She goes to practice, comes home, and practices more. She will say ‘WHEN I’m playing in the World Cup’…..not ‘IF IView full post ┬╗

let’s get crazy

Her favorite shirt. She’s spent the last 26 hours making a fort out of 5 blankets, 1 twin sheet, two tents, 3 boxes (1 is a pantry), a third of a roll of duct tape, twoView full post ┬╗


Today she spent a lot of time on her scooter. Again. It’s either the scooter or the soccer ball. She also pulls her own teeth, if that means anything. And I think itView full post ┬╗