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things they say

Caroline (walking home from the bus):  Mommy.  I’m going to need you to get me a pet snake.  Me:  yeah that’s never going to happen. ******************** CarolineView full post »

things they say

In the car today Caroline was just a’talking away. Blah blah this. Blah blah that. We were on our way to Josephine’s chiropractic appointment and I think CarolineView full post »

caroline: 8

1. What is something I say a lot? I love you. 2. What makes me happy? when, when, like, I help you do something like, like, clean. 3. What makes me sad? when someoneView full post »

a list of what an 8 year old has in her handbag

As I was sitting with Caroline in her room, she asks, “Want to see what I have in my bag here?”. Well. Of course I did. She begins to pull the items out andView full post »

Caroline’s christmas list

I found this on the kitchen island the other night. I especially like the last one. Girl after my own heart. Cozmo crayola spray cat bean bag chair (it HAS to beView full post »

day date with daddy

This blog has been heavy on the Caroline lately, but whatever. Tony came home from work early yesterday. He knocked on the door and when Caroline and I opened it he said,View full post »

A letter to Daddy

Recently, Tony took the middle girls to a nearby lake to rent a boat and fish for the day. Emily, Josephine and I later met up with them after picking up a friend to goView full post »

photo session on ‘roids

When your child has had her first dose of Albuterol and you ask her for a simple picture. It’s possible that things will get weird.View full post »

Caroline’s Top 10

You were really into these pictures.  Can you tell? The other morning you decided to pilfer through my things and came out with my shirt on.  Also, there was my headView full post »