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4 things about 14 year olds that you should know

Emily recently turned fourteen. I know. I don’t get it either. I mean, one day we are bringing home a newborn and the next day….BAM. Anyway, she just turned 14View full post »

Around here? We smooch horses

Y’all. Emily LOVES horses. I mean, LOVES THEM. She loves ALL THE THINGS about horses. I often giggle and tease her about when she’s tacking up (what I callView full post »

for the LOVE {of stripes}

This girl. Oh goodness. She’s hilarious and sweet and responsible and smart and cute. All that AND a bag of chips. TWO bags of chips.View full post »

for the LOVE {of snapshots}

Emily hasn’t wanted to have her picture taken lately, but today she was feeling rather silly. Well, she’s always feeling a bit silly, but this time she did itView full post »


Well. My big girl saved up for a guinea pig and bought one 2 weeks ago. His name was Twix-Patch-Zeus. Yes. He had three names. Don’t ask. Twix-Patch-Zeus boughtView full post »

one fat rat

This? This is Twix. I like to call him Twixie. Emily has been longing for one of these little guinea pigs for a long while. We buckled today in hopes that it willView full post »

fairy house

The girls have been really into building fairy houses lately. Think I mentioned that in the last post. Emily spent two days putting one together for Iridessa…theView full post »

mug shot #1

Here’s is my oh-my-word-we-are-running-late-for-the-first-day-of-school snapshot of Emily. Seems like just last month she was toddling all over the house and puttingView full post »


This stinker is such a comedian. Comedienne? She is so full of one-liners and silly stories. When she was a babe? She was so very caring and loving. Now? She wowsView full post »