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I want to be a Mary

The tricky thing about the last baby is that you never know when the Last of the Lasts will come along. One day I’m feeding her while she sits on the counter in theView full post »

i remembered the password…

…to this blog. I’m just kind of stoked about that and considering posting here again. Until then, here’s a picture or two from the recent weeks. lemme seeView full post »

for the love of soap + water

Yesterday Caroline and Allison did a little painting in the kitchen. Tony had his back turned for most of it and was occupied with Tony Gonzalez’s last game as anView full post »

for the love of time lapse photography

Christmas morning I set up the camera all fancy-like. On one of our counter stools with the lens propped up with three random storybooks. I set the interval timer to takeView full post »

for the love of lunch out

Yesterday we went out to lunch. It was a super big deal because Allison HATES to leave the house. For anything Even food We found this cute little mom-n-pop pub (say thatView full post »

for the love of Christmas self portraits

Her Nana and Poppy gave her this little camera and she loves it to pieces! More Christmas posts to come, but here’s this. 🙂View full post »

for the love of afterschool thinking

Plus a few more images, too. Each day we come home from school I see this beautiful little light beam shining in the garage and landing right there on the doorstep. TwoView full post »

for the love of french friends {and their toys day 31}

A sweet little package was delivered here the other day. It had to work pretty hard to get here… …all the way from France. I’m thinking from car, to truck,View full post »