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shooting daily

Guys. I have only missed one day. ONE DAY! This little project started right around Thanksgiving of last year. I actually took a photo 3 days in a row and thought I was onView full post »

Christmas Doodles

This is my photo for today. Day 24 of 365. Caroline drew these little doodles last night and I just loved them. I let her stay up an hour after bedtime to draw andView full post »

Christmas tree shopping

Tonight we did a little tree shopping at a local nursery that we love so much. It’s a family owned spot and is just the cutest little shop ever. I keep meaning to doView full post »


Bubbles never get old. Even when you’re six. Heck. Even when you’re 30-something. Double heck. Even when you’re a 3 year old dog. No dogs pictured hereView full post »

Ordinarily Lovely: the slip-n-slide

The girls have been back in school for…well…this is the second week so how many days is that? Eight? Back in July the two littlest had a blast of a time inView full post »

Ordinarily Lovely: the swimmers

So, I have this little Canon G11 point-n-shoot camera. I also have underwater housing for it and it is a BLAST, lemme tell you. The girls LOVE it, too. I am still notView full post »

Ordinarily lovely: their fairy house + more

The girls have this little fairy house in the side yard. We can see it each day that we leave or come home. It is just the cutest little thing you ever did see. They loveView full post »