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5 things that have nothing to do with each other

1. Yesterday was Tony’s birthday. The girls had such fun bossing each other around, I mean, decorating the kitchen for him. They had streamers going across theView full post »

so long 2016

It seems like 2016 was rude to everyone it ran across. And basically that was everyone. The Gibsons had a heckuvah year, too. Here’s the Quick-n-Dirty on whatView full post »

we got a christmas tree again

and there isn’t one single picture of it in this post. Or in any post to come. Because I didn’t take but one picture of that joker and it’s on myView full post »

Christmas 2015

Well girls? I only took 3 pictures. THREE. Wanna know why? Because I wanted to be THERE with you rather than behind the camera.  Daddy and I loved seeing your faces thisView full post »

Christmas Cookies. I’m no Martha Stewart.

Pinterest and peer pressure.  Those two guys get me every.single.time. How hard can it be? sees cute cookie idea on Pinterest…spends a gob of dough on supplies (seeView full post »

We let you play in the sewer. And you love it.

We’ve lived here for just over two years and you three have JUST NOW found the drainage tunnel that leads out of our yard and under the street.  It’s *sort of* aView full post »

Christmas Tree Shopping

Over the weekend we found the perfect tree for the house!  We always visit the local plant nursery around the corner and on this day it was Small Business Saturday so thatView full post »

Lunch conversations

Today we did some shopping at Home Depot and (believe it or not) went to a rug store with a massive amount of selections and chose TWO within 15 minutes. Record Breakers! WeView full post »