The two biggest girls are old enough now that I trust them to bake something and it actually taste yummy.

Plus not catch the house on fire.

Or their sister.

On their own, I let them make anything from a box. That is usually cupcakes, brownies, cakes, muffins or muffin bready stuff.

Together from scratch, we have baked banana bread, cream cheese pound cake and, most recently, banana pudding.

Holy goodness at the banana pudding, y’all.

One of my goals is for them to see me baking and to pass this down to them. I may not be the best at it yet and have all the cool tools, but I remember my mommy baking yummy cakes and desserts. And her mommy before that. I love that smelly smell of those goodies and I want my girls to have that memory, too. Plus, their daddy says it will land them a great man one day. So there’s that.

First though, I’ll have to get them to stop putting their faces in the mixing bowl.


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Y’all. I’m nearly 100 days in and that’s a huge deal for me. Woot! You can see all of the images in the link that’s in the menu bar. Some days I even have TWO images for that day.

Look at me go.

Like the ceiling can’t hold me.

Here are some of my most favorite ones lately.








Happy Monday, Peoples!


It’s raining here, but NOT chilly!  That’s a plus when you’re a southerner and 50 and below is when you break out the gloves and scarves.

Over the weekend we did our usual….everything thing to eat in this house is GROSS and we all REFUSE to eat it.  OR COOK.  Or go to the grocery store to actually get foods to COOK.  It’s like all of a sudden everything here is revolting and offensive.

So, we went out.

That bombed.

On Friday, we went to one of our favorite places and it turns out we were served rotten cheese.  Well, Allison was served rotten cheese.  You know that ol’ trick where someone says, ‘OMGoodness this is sooooo gross!!!  YOU taste it!!’…??   I didn’t fall for that.  I merely sniffed it.  Tony?  Took a big ol’ manly bite.  We all then didn’t eat another bite because then even the out to eat food was REVOLTING.  Did you know that rotten cheese at a mexican place looks and smells like rank blue cheese?  Emily made it out alive because she was at the movies with her best buddy.

Saturday was like this:  indoor soccer tourney for Allison and they lost.  Dangit.  She usually  never gets bummed out about losing, but this time she was near tears.  Caroline went to a party for a friend and Emily went to the barn to work.

What else did we do?

We ate out!


Sunday we had a visit from a sweetie who was down from NC.  Then, a birthday party for our niece who turned ten.  The girls had a blast on their zipline and trampoline and now we are trying to figure out which two trees will do for a zipline at our own house.  On this day?  We did NOT eat out.  Yay us!

It was a great weekend with gorgeous weather.  Caroline said a few times, ‘my GOODNESS it is a lovely day today!’.


Taken by Allison:)



It was the most terriblest awfulest drilliest time of my life.


I think I have rigamortis in my jaw.

Can I just say two things to add to this root canal thing?

1).  The sound

2). The smell

I thought some random-n-cute pictures were in order and would help me feel better.

Can I get an amen?

cheerbear_edited-1cups_edited-1kitchensink_edited-1kitchensink2_edited-1messyhair_edited-1pocketoflight_edited-1moving out_edited-1

Y’all. Emily LOVES horses.

I mean, LOVES THEM. She loves ALL THE THINGS about horses.

I often giggle and tease her about when she’s tacking up (what I call ‘getting the horse dressed’) because it takes her SO.VERY.LONG to do it.

Why? Because she has to stop and kiss that blasted horse every few minutes!

This is how it goes:

Pull horse out of the stall.

Kiss it.

Hook horse up to the cross ties.

Kiss it.

Brush horse.

Kiss kiss kiss

Pick one hoof…walk around and kiss.

Pick another hoof…walk around and kiss.

You get the idea, right?

She loves working at the barn and will do pretty much anything just to be near those big ol’ animals.

She’s nuts over them.



If you don’t get the title, you will by the end of this post.

Today we had a crazy-busy day. It’s not like us, actually. We are usually doing one or two things per day and that’s all I can handle, if you want to know the truth.

This day looked like this:

*Indoor soccer game for Allison (figured out 10 minutes before she was to be there that it was at NINE and not TEN….MAAAAAAAD DAAAAAAASH!!!)

*Visit our new office to check renovation progress and visit Daddy.

*Lunch with a friend nearby.

*Drop Allison off at a friend’s house.

*Pick Emily up from a friend’s house. Who actually met us at home to drop her off instead.

*Drop Emily off at the barn so that she can work/clean/organize the tack room.

*Play at the park with Caroline. Daddy met us there.

*Fro-Yo time with Caroline and Daddy.

*Pick up Emily from the barn.

*Pick up Allison from the friend’s.

*Come home to play and watch a movie.

*Emily goes to BFFs house to watch a movie.


You’re tired just reading that, aren’t you?

Well, our day of pin ball parenting looked a lot like Caroline’s playing at the park.

Tony and I were giggling and giggling because that kid RAN ALL OVER that playground. Bouncing from one thing to another. Going FULL SPEED HEAD FIRST down the slide one million times. Jumping out of swings, to the slide, to the merry-go-round, to the monkey bars and over the fence.

She looked A LOT like these guys.

It was amazing and I spent the rest of the day shouting, ‘PARKOUR!’.

(and one more from today because it’s so stinkin’ cute)

look right here_edited-2

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Just popping in here to post more from the daily shooting doo-lollie that I’m doing. Still going strong and haven’t even cheated yet.

Although I did consider it.

Days 24 through 50.

I think.

They are all out of order because I’m tired and I don’t care about fixing them. How ’bout that?


This is my photo for today.

Day 24 of 365.

Caroline drew these little doodles last night and I just loved them.

I let her stay up an hour after bedtime to draw and color at the sofa table next to me. Once I said I loved the Santa? She just couldn’t stop drawing and coloring. She’s a people pleaser…doing whatever it takes to make someone’s heart all full and stuff. I think I’ll frame these and pull them out every Christmas.

Also, some sweet things she says:

I love you more than you think.

I need to *skur* this up (for stir).

I’ll do whatever makes you happy.

(As I’m snuggled next to her on the couch) You fit this puzzle really goodly, Mommy.

I love you a lot lot lot lot lot lot.

Also, she’s a note-leaver. She leaves notes on my or Tony’s side of the bed so often. She loves to write and love, hug and smooch. She’s a whole bunch of sweetness in one body.