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One month + our favorite baby purchases

Josie Mae is a month old.  Well, she’s actually almost 2 months old and I’m just now getting around to posting this. So I like sleep better than blogging.  And? These last several weeksView full post »

Josie Mae

So we are parents all over again. We are also over 40. Our oldest girl is 13.  The second and third girls are 10 and 7. And now?  We have a newborn. Most of our friends are well into this kid thing.View full post »

Christmas 2015

Well girls? I only took 3 pictures. THREE. Wanna know why? Because I wanted to be THERE with you rather than behind the camera.  Daddy and I loved seeing your faces this morning when you walkedView full post »

Caroline’s Top 10

You were really into these pictures.  Can you tell? The other morning you decided to pilfer through my things and came out with my shirt on.  Also, there was my head band and glasses on yourView full post »