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Batch editing in Photoshop Elements

Hello everyone! If you’re like me, you take multiple images with the same exposure.  Then, you spend way too long in PSE applying your edits to those images one at a time. It. Takes. Forever.View full post »

ask kids to stand in the front yard

and that’s exactly what they will do. You get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit, right? These three.  They do all their own posing, folks.View full post »

shooting daily

Guys. I have only missed one day. ONE DAY! This little project started right around Thanksgiving of last year. I actually took a photo 3 days in a row and thought I was on to something special (byView full post »

Just my kid on the counter

Sometimes my girl sits on the counter. Many times my girl plays Minecraft. Even more times there are dirty dishes in the sink AND along the counter. Today?  You get all three. TheView full post »