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Well girls?

I only took 3 pictures.


Wanna know why?

Because I wanted to be THERE with you rather than behind the camera.  Daddy and I loved seeing your faces this morning when you walked downstairs to the tree.  Seeing you absolutely WRECK the living room with paper and plastic was delightful.  No. Really.  It was.  You spotted presents left by Santa and opened presents from each other and Daddy and I.  Then, we ate blueberry breakfast cake (CAKE!), biscuits and gravy (well, dad and I did), eggs, fruit, etc.

Some of your favorites this year:

Emily:  ‘things I can wear’ you said.  Also, the Eno and Vera Bradley backpack.

Allison:  the science kit, zipline, trampoline

Caroline:  trampoline, horse jumps, Pusheen animals, Calico Critters

Also, tomorrow we will get one more super special gift and that’s a new baby sister!

girlsonchristmas2015 copy

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You were really into these pictures.  Can you tell?

The other morning you decided to pilfer through my things and came out with my shirt on.  Also, there was my head band and glasses on your face.  The glasses didn’t last long because my perscription is so strong, but you did allow me to take a couple of snaps of you before you tossed them aside.  Then, you spent the next 4500 hours arranging the stuffed animals and pillows on your bed.

I asked you to tell me your top ten favorite things and here’s what you came up with.  :)

  •  family
  • friends
  • unicorns
  • Christmas
  • Max
  • Lulu
  • macaroni
  • Chick-fil-A
  • The Cloister
  • Pusheen the Cat



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Dear *baby with a secret name right now*

I can’t what for you to be born.  I hope you like your present under the tree.  I am Caroline.  plese do not poop or pee in

your dipper be cues mommy sead that I have to clean it.

I hope you like our house .  I also hope you like your name Mommy picked it out.  our dogs names are Lulu and max.  max

will lick your face so you will like him.  and you will like lulu because you can snugol with her.  we have five people in our

famliy and you are the 6 one.  I love you.  just so you now I am 7.:):);):):);):):):):):0caroline copy


Dear Baby #4,

I know you will be an amazing little sis. I am looking forward to being able to play with you. I wonder what after school activity you will do. Will you be athletic, instrumental, or have epic scientific smarts?! Which ever one I’ll be fine with, but I difinetly know that you will become extremely famous no matter what. NO DOUBT!

I know that you will be best buds with Mommy the Magnificent and Daddy the Dinamite. Thankfully Daddy is not real dinamite (just so you know).

BTW I am Allison. You can call me Al or Allie. I prefer Allie though. I play soccer at rush. It is my favorite sport in the history of the world.

Once again, I think that you will be a great little sister. I love you so much.

Your older older sis,

Allie Oso  (allie bear)

allison copy

divider2dear baby Gibson,

okay so this is your older sister ( your favorite ) named emily<3 i know that you will be an awesome younger sister and i really hope that you have a love for horses like me so that we can talk to each other about them. I hope that you dont mind having your birthday the day after christmas<3 love you

your favorite, em

december 19, 2015


emily copy


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Pinterest and peer pressure.  Those two guys get me every.single.time.

How hard can it be?

sees cute cookie idea on Pinterest…spends a gob of dough on supplies (see what I just did there?) prepares counter for awesome baking adventure…blah blah blah.  

Yep.  So it was me with the bright idea of baking Christmas cookies.

Preparing the dough.

Chilling the dough.

Rolling out the dough.

Cutting out the shapes.

Okay so the dough was actually Pillsbury and comes in a handy dandy rolled up tube.


Anyway, let’s just say we tried, but it took us a good 25 minutes to figure out the best way to do this Baking Cookies Thing.  I won’t tell you how it all went down just in case you are reading this 20 years down the road and are some kind of Food Network Star.  But basically, most of the cookies turned out gross-ish, but the decorations were cute.  Although?  I didn’t photograph that part and slap it up on Pinterest for inspiration.  Let’s just say that.

You three had fun though!  Plus, you helped me clean up as we went along which is always appreciated and you (usually) never have to be asked.

xmascookies27 copyxmascookies26 copyxmascookies8 copyxmascookies24 copyxmascookies11 copyxmascookies22 copyxmascookies9 copyxmascookies20 copyxmascookies19 copyxmascookies6 copyxmascookies18 copyxmascookies3 copyxmascookies17 copyxmascookies1 copyxmascookies15 copyxmascookies2 copyxmascookies5 copyxmascookies16 copyxmascookies13 copyxmascookies12 copyxmascookies7 copyxmascookies14 copyxmascookies4 copyxmascookies21 copy


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