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Caroline (walking home from the bus):  Mommy.  I’m going to need you to get me a pet snake. 

Me:  yeah that’s never going to happen.


Caroline (as I’m standing at her door after tucking her in):  Just so you know?  You are the BEST mommy I’ve ever seen or heard of or met.  Ever. 


Caroline:  Just checking.  Am I going to need shoes EVERY SINGLE TIME we get in the car? 


Caroline: We rode the jeep down the trail and it was fun. 

Me:  Yes.  I heard!  Did Daddy play the music really loudly?  You know how he loves playing music loud in the jeep.  

Caroline: Yep.  We listened to Eye of the Tiger.  And also some song about you giving love *snaps finger* and…and…and *snaps finger again trying to remember* and…how it has a bad name or something?  Love has a bad name?  

Me: Oh yes.  That’s Bon Jovi

Caroline:  That’s the one!  


Caroline:  When I grow up I want to do something in the Air Force. 

Me:  Oh cool!  But you said you don’t like planes. 

Caroline:  Oh.  Yeah.  Well, this is going to be a DIFFERENT kind of plane.  So.  Not the same. 


Me:  What’s that on your arm? 

Caroline:  Oh THAT.  Yeah.  I drew a watch on my arm with a Sharpie.  


Me:  Remember when you were in preschool and you’d take a nap with me on my bed?  

Caroline:  Yes I do remember.  And I hated that.  






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Recently, we spent a long weekend at Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte and it was such a fun time.

You can read a bit about that fun time here.

The place was squeaky clean, lifeguards were everywhere, and I felt very safe with the girls running rampant throughout the hotel.

While Caroline and I were waiting in line for yet another awesome water slide we had this little conversation:

Caroline:  Okay.  So.  Is this an amusement park or a hotel?  Or is it a pool?  Because there’s a lobby and rooms and restaurants inside. 

Me:  Well.  This is a hotel with a really, REALLY cool indoor pool.  


After our time at Great Wolf Lodge, we drove to Durham because Tony had a meeting with a client there.  We stayed at Embassy Suites.  Which is, in my opinion, a very nice hotel.  We often choose Embassy Suites because one room is big enough for our family of six and they are quite cozy.

Once we arrived, I told the girls that I would take them to the indoor pool.

Are you seeing where this is headed?

Caroline was STOKED.  She couldn’t stand still.  She slapped on that swimsuit speedy quick and grabbed Allison.

We don’t need towels!!, she shouted, “there are towels ALREADY THERE!!”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her out the door and down to the elevator that fast before.

She must have thought it was super special when I had to use the room key to enter the pool area.

And then?  There it was.

A pool with a depth of THREE TOTAL FEET ALL THE WAY AROUND with one lousy tan-colored mushroom with a teeny trickle of water rolling off the top.

Caroline’s shoulders were immediately slumpy and she said the words, “Gosh I hate this place”.

It was all I could do…. containing my laughter.

Emily and I just watched those two sisters WALK through the Embassy Suites pool.  The could barely doggie paddle around that thing.  Couldn’t even jump off the sides.  Let’s just say that it was quite the change from the ‘indoor pool’ at GWL.

It’s been nearly a month since our visit to Great Wolf Lodge.

And now?  This very second?  She is STILL wearing her Great Wolf Lodge armband.  Just in case she gets back there soon?  I don’t know.

But that Embassy Suites pool key card is long gone.



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and you’re on a long car ride here’s what happens.

She screams and yells. And yells and screams. And cries. A lot.

And when she’s done crying a lot? She yells a bit more and then screams.

So here’s a list of items to have on hand.

Keep in mind, these fun things will only appease Baby for no more than five minutes at a time.

(Unless, you have boxes and boxes of baby wipes that Baby can pull out one by one. THAT will keep Baby quiet for a looooooong time. However, then your car will smell like baby butt and also you’ll be out of wipes.)

List of Needed Items (I am speaking from experience here):

coffee cup lid
Fake iPad toy
DVD case
napkin to shred
Tupperware lid
teeny bites of Wendy’s nuggets
stuffed animal
another straw
lid from a to-go cup
pats on the head
another napkin to shred
french fry
Backyardigans video
wolf ears headband from Great Wolf Lodge
cup of apple juice
empty Starbucks cup
a hand to hold
3 more pacis
a sock on each hand
pieces of the shredded napkin to throw
hair scrunchie
another book
car TV remote
tickles on the feet
2 more pacis
empty water bottle to crunch

Well. There you have it. That’s all you need to keep Baby happy while on a long trip.

Also, you’re going to need a bigger bag.

Now for some cuteness to show you that she really is a sweetheart (when NOT in the car).


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